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Seal of approval: Security certifications and Pipe Dreams

Clearly, demonstrating the value of certifications is a key priority for credentialing bodies. Regardless, the flagship accreditations are doing better than ever. Tipton says December was a record-breaking month, when there were some 3,700 CISSP exams taken (only about half passed).

And it’s no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after certifications, considering holders make about $98,000 a year on average, up from $78,000 if they didn’t have it.

I got that cert last year!  Now I just have to get off the bottom end of the pay curve…

via Seal of approval: Security certifications – SC Magazine.

Public Failures And Your Big Fat Mouth

The co-worker of a buddy
applied to an internal job posting.
She told everyone she applied
(her current manager was not amused).
She told everyone
when the phone interview was.
She took that interview
at her desk.
She bungled the interview.
She didn’t pass that initial stage.
She didn’t get the job.
And everyone knew it.

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We just went through a similar experience here at work.  A fellow I work with, who very much enjoys socializing and walking around and talking with everyone about everything that’s going on with life, has been talking since last year about how he’d finally graduate from college in May of this year, and his plans to get a new job in a different industry.

As this year progressed, he was very vocal and open about jobs he was applying for, when he was taking time off to go to job fairs or for interviews, about how he was taking all his available PTO so he wouldn’t lose any when he got his new job in May after graduation, and so on and so forth.

When he found a job he liked, he told everyone he had found his job, how the hiring process was going, his expected start date, and all that.  He talked to the HR rep asking about using up all his PTO before his expected start date with his new employer.

So the management team opened his position, placed want ads, and we started interviewing.   We were racing against the clock to find and train a replacement before he quit in May, and within 2 weeks, we had found and hired his replacement, which was great… for everyone except for him.

Because he still hasn’t received an offer letter from his new employer, nor a start date.

So he overlapped with his replacement for a week, and then the company gave him two weeks notice.  Turns out, we didn’t have the budget or workload for two employees doing the same job.

So right up until today, the co-worker kept hoping to receive his new offer letter from his new employer, but he still hasn’t, and we just walked him out the door.

There might be times when you want to tell everyone about a goal in order to receive communal support and encouragement for that goal, but there will also be plenty of times when you just need to keep your big fat mouth shut until the appropriate moment.

Fun with Marketing

This morning, one of the marketing guys called me up:

Brainiac: Hey, I’m not receiving some e-mail from AOL
Me: Huh
Brainiac: I checked my e-mail filters and the trash can and inbox, they aren’t anywhere!
Me: Huh. Well, you’re on the mailing list so you should be getting them. Open a case and I’ll check it out this afternoon.

Noon comes and goes, and I head downstairs to his office to check out his computer. Unluckily, he’s not there, so I won’t be able to gloat as I find out what he’s doing wrong, but his computer is unlocked, so I can check whatever I want, unhindered by irritating questions and marketing anecdotes.

I click into Outlook, open Rules and Alerts, and see the following:

If e-mail from AOL then move to DELETED ITEMS.

I change that to move it to his AOL folder and look in the Deleted Items folder: 12 AOL e-mails inside.

I move those to the AOL folder, then go back upstairs, eager to blog about the experience. Which brings me to the present… JUST LIKE THIS!!!

What will be my legacy?

I don’t think I ever wrote about it, but the Fat Guy is gone.

He’d not been around very much, mostly working in a different building with a different group, since he didn’t have any work to do in our group since we moved over to the main campus. So, we only saw him once a month or so, when he’d visit all his stuff in his cube.

And then, one Monday, I went into his cube to look for a book he had let me borrow on a previous occasion, and surprise surprise, a whole bunch of his stuff was gone! There was still a ton of stuff there, and his name plate, so it wasn’t obvious that he was actually gone.

And then I got the assignment of cleaning out his cube to make room for some other guy on our team who was moving into that space.

So I went through all the boxes he hadn’t unpacked after moving from the old building (two years ago!), through his drawers, and through the overhead bin.

In the drawers I found a whole bunch of pizza coupons he hadn’t been able to use yet, and some of the microwave popcorn we had in the old building.

In his boxes, I found a bunch of random stuff, and a few notebooks.

Actually, a LOT of notebooks.

Most with writing only on the first page or two. Some had dates, and were many years old.

So I gave them to the kids and threw the rest of the leftover stuff away.

So, now that I’m leaving the company, what will I leave behind for my co-workers to find? Definitely not notebooks, they are too fun to leave behind!