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That just might be hitting below the belt…

But I wonder how many Obama True Believers even realize Hope and Change was Dope and Blamage?

The other day I saw a bumper sticker with an Obama logo and the words YES WE DID. This was hardly a surprise, as Obama got 67 percent of the vote in my neighborhood and 72 percent in my county, home to lobbyists and bureaucrats. And the embattled Republicans don’t flaunt their dissidence on their bumpers. But I began to wonder just what the driver was proud of.

Yes we did increase the national debt by $4 trillion? Yes we did create a national health insurance program passed in such haste that it’s full of gross errors and requires restrictions on telling the media about it? Yes we did continue the wars a lot longer than we promised? Yes we did launch a third war in the Middle East without congressional authorization? Yes we did exercise presidential power more aggressively than George W. Bush? Yes we did laugh at the very idea of not arresting people for smoking pot? Yes we did ratchet up regulatory costs in a weak economy? Yes we did create the slowest recovery in postwar history?

via Yes They Did | Cato @ Liberty.

Obama Administration Takes Quick And Decisive Action Against Fast And Furious Officials!!!

And by Quick and Decisive, we mean Muddled and Mis-directed:

The controversy over the ATF’s ill-conceived scheme to “walk” guns across the border with Mexico finally resulted in the removal of one high-ranking official: Acting Director Kenneth Melson. The U.S. Attorney for Minnesota, Todd Jones, will fill the position for now.

A quick review: ATF supervisors ordered agents to facilitate firearm sales to known or suspected “straw buyers” that intended to move the guns across the border and give them to drug cartels. Gun dealers in the U.S. reported the suspicious transactions to the ATF, expecting to cooperate in apprehending the gunrunners. As it turns out, the suspect buyers had disqualifying conditions that should have shown up in federally mandated instant background checks…but didn’t. The firearms trafficked across the border predictably showed up at crime scenes, including those involved with the murder of a Border Patrol agent, an ICE agent, a Mexican military helicopter shoot-down, and other murders on both sides of the border.

If you’re a private citizen, this sort of thing gets you 30 years in prison. If you’re a whistleblower within ATF, you get terminated. If you’re a supervisor responsible for such a scheme, you get promoted reassigned to ATF headquarters.

via Removing Melson Will Not Fix the ATF | Cato @ Liberty.

There are now enough Operation Fast and Furious officials playing hide-and-seek in the Obama administration to fill a “rubber room.”

That’s the nickname for taxpayer-subsidized holding pens, such as the ones in the New York City public schools, where crooked employees are separated from the system and paid to do nothing. Perhaps the White House can stimulate a few construction jobs by adding an entire rubber room annex for “reassigned” scandal bureaucrats at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s getting mighty crowded.

via Obama’s ‘Fast & Furious’ Playbook: Screw Up, Move Up, Then Cover Up | NewsBusters.org.

Too Corrupt To Prosecute?

Remember kids: Only the administrations political enemies get thrown under the bus.

Questions for Presidential ‘Debate’ Participants by Chris Sullivan

It would indeed be quite amusing to see these questions asked at a presidential debate:

Below are fifty questions that I would like to see asked of the panel of candidates at the so-called “debates.” There could be many more, but this is a start.

1 (a.)All of you who use an income tax preparer, raise your hand.

(b.) If you (who raised hands) can not prepare your own taxes, how do you propose to run the country?

2. If you can not prepare your own tax returns, is it reasonable to hold the average citizen criminally liable for errors?

3. How do you expect to understand bills sent to you for your signature if you can’t fill out a tax return?

Read ’em all! via Questions for Presidential ‘Debate’ Participants by Chris Sullivan.

Zbig Brzezinski Explains the Obama Election

It’s all rather simple:

“We have a large public that’s very ignorant about world affairs, and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans.”

Brzezinski repeated the notion a bit later: “We talked about the candidates earlier. It’s amazing to me that some of the leading candidates are people who absolutely have no track record and have no serious ideas other than a lot of slogans.”

It’s refreshing to see an establishment insider put it so succinctly!

via Zbig Brzezinski: ‘Ignorant’ Americans Susceptible to ‘Simplistic Slogans’ | NewsBusters.org.