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Don’t spit into the wind

Last weekend, 12-year-old Son and I picked up some Chinese to-go to eat for the first meal on an overnight campout.

Except instead of Chinese, it was Sushi bento boxes: teriyaki chicken, salad, soup, tempura, California rolls, rice, etc. Good stuff!

Except #1 Son didn’t know if he’d like the California roll, and was hesitant to try it. So I told him to just roll down his window, start chewing, and if he didn’t like it, to just spit it out the window.

So that’s what he did… except he missed the window and spit all over the windowsill and the door of the truck.

He later explained that he didn’t realize his head wasn’t out the window when he spit. Or that he didn’t realize he couldn’t spit a mouthful of Cali roll that far against the wind.

Live and learn.