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Emergency Prep: Buy now, before inflation and demand really pick up

Doomsday PrepperAs Americans grow concerned about our future; Guns, Gold and Emergency Food are all selling at record levels. From T.V. Shows about preppers, to a number of states preparing so called Doomsday Bills, it seems that the prepper lifestyle is going mainstream.

So what does that Mean for Preppers?

In my opinion, if you haven’t stocked up on what you need – NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

With Guns, Gold and Emergency Food sales at a record high, there’s a growing concern that shortages are about to hit the marketplace. As people begin to stock up on preparedness related items, we will likely see nationwide shortages similar to what happened during the elections in 2008.

In addition, inflation will keep kicking up the prices of everything.    The best time to begin preparing is years ago, but better to start  now than never!

via Rise of the Prepper – Could the Recent Popularity Cause Problems for Preppers?.

Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes » Will That Be Paper Or Plastic


Customer: “Can I get a cheeseburger and a bottle of water?”

Me: “Yes, that’s $3.70, please.”

(The customer holds out five napkins and starts counting them. He then hands them to me as payment.)

Me: “Sorry, do you have $3.70?”

Customer: *points at napkins* “Yea, there! Look!”

I’m not entirely sure if this is ironic or prophetic, but if the politicians and central bankers continue pouring money from their bottomless wallet, in their continual quest to find materials worth less than the currency coined from it, we may very well be using napkin-dollars.

At the very least, napkins will be more useful around the toilet than a wagon-load of $100,000,000 bills.

via Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes » Will That Be Paper Or Plastic.

Economic Reality Check

Charles Vollum compares the worth of currencies, bonds, equities, and commodities in gold today vs a year ago:

Fiat currencies the world over are being manipulated by central banks, which is distorting asset and commodity prices. Successful investing requires that investors have a good idea of what things cost and what they are really worth – and using the world’s oldest and most stable form of money, gold, to compare prices is one way to get that insight.

via Its Weight in Gold: The Real Prices of Things by Charles Vollum.

Anything that seems like it’s going up in value really isn’t — it’s just more expensive due to inflation.

Food prices rising

Right now’s a great time to buy! Don’t postpone stocking up on food until it’s too expensive.

Reader Bryan E. wrote to mention: “Over the weekend we had visitors who are in the wholesale food distribution business. They were relating that they had experienced a 14% increase in wholesale food prices during just the month of March. Here are some examples:

via Inflation Watch: – SurvivalBlog.com.

US Inflation Rate Now Higher than Zimbabwe’s

Yes, Zimbabwe… the country where at its worst $100 trillion was worth about 30 of the U.S. variety… and good for four loaves of bread.

Yesterday, the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency announced that consumer prices slowed last month to an annualized 3%.

But this morning, here in the good ol’ USA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced the U.S. consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.5% last month — which works out to a 6% annual clip.

But, of course, since the rising prices are reflected in items such as food, gasoline, and energy, which The Fed pretends do not exist, they are still blissfully unaware of the rise in prices caused by their incessant money printing.

Because, hey, you can get an iPad2 for the price of the original iPad!

via Worse than Zimbabwe | 5 Min. Forecast.