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Are You Packing? 5 Inexpensive Ways to Store Your Food by Ready Nutrition

When packing your food storage, something very important to remember is:

Food must be protected from three specific “enemies”: oxygen, moisture and pests. Proper containers are like an insurance policy on your food. Careful storage practices combined with the right containers are (Hint: Before repackaging your dried foods for storage, send the item to the deep freezer for a couple of weeks to kill off any mealy bugs or pests that could be lurking in the product.) Choose your storage location carefully, because even the best storage practices can be hampered or derailed completely by rodents , extreme temperatures or excessive moisture.

It’s no good to go digging into your food supply when the power’s out and the snow’s coming down and the water has stopped flowing, only to find that it’s full of bugs or spoiled!

Go check out 5 Inexpensive Ways to Store Your Food, by Ready Nutrition.

Primal food storage

I’d consider myself a “semi-primal” — I eat meat and veggies, but also bread and sugar.

I’d like to go more primal, but cannot think of what I’d snack on or eat during emergencies.

Happily, Rick Miller of Liberty Study wrote an article with good suggestions.  Unfortunately, most of it does not sound delicious or satisfying.

You decide!

When considering dry food to store, one can come up with quite a few choices:

Dried Mushrooms
Kale Chips (dehydrated kale)
Basically any dehydrated veggies
Canned Fish/Seafood (choose wisely – low mercury, high omega-3)
Seeds (including chia and/or hemp)
Oils (especially coconut and olive)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Pre-cooked Bacon (nitrate-free)

via Primal Prepping by Rick Miller.

Sneaky Places to Store More Stuff

Jessica Hooley is the author of Salt n’ Prepper and gives some excellent ideas for storing supplies in more places.

You’re a prepper and you’ve got tons of “stuff”. Food storage, fuel, first aid kits, bug out bags, the list seems to go on and on. And regardless of a prepper’s dream of unlimited storage space, there never seems to be enough room. At least not for me.

Most living accommodations make storage the final priority; putting style above all else. Regardless of your living situation, I’m here to tell you there is more space! We’ve just got to get a little sneaky and creative.

Just as a disclaimer: Some of this stuff might sound crazy. But aren’t you used to that by now… doing stuff people think is crazy. J Another note to add, when storing food it is best to keep it in the coolest place possible. If any of these rooms are in a place that gets a considerable amount of heat, use these sneaky storage places for your non-foods items.

I plan on obtaining some of the WaterBricks, since water is the key to survival.

via Sneaky Places to Store More Stuff, by Jessica Hooley – SurvivalBlog.com.

Food prices rising

Right now’s a great time to buy! Don’t postpone stocking up on food until it’s too expensive.

Reader Bryan E. wrote to mention: “Over the weekend we had visitors who are in the wholesale food distribution business. They were relating that they had experienced a 14% increase in wholesale food prices during just the month of March. Here are some examples:

via Inflation Watch: – SurvivalBlog.com.

11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime

Forever foods!  And now’s a great time to stock up, as food prices are rising and inflation is kicking in.

Did you know that with proper storage techniques, you can have a lifetime supply of certain foods?  Certain foods can stand the test of time, and continue being a lifeline to the families that stored it.  Knowing which foods last indefinitely and how to store them are you keys to success.

The best way to store food for the long term is by using a multi-barrier system.  This system protects the food from natural elements such as moisture and sunlight, as well as from insect infestations.

Typically, those who store bulk foods look for inexpensive items that have multi-purposes and will last long term.  Listed below are 11 food items that are not only multi-purpose preps, but they can last a lifetime!

via 11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime | Ready Nutrition.