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What Ron Paul Talks About | Cato @ Liberty

Ron Paul talks about the things about which I like to hear.

So what do we see? Ron Paul talks about deficits and debt more than any other candidate. (President Obama seems to have talked about the deficit most in 2009, when it was all Bush’s fault.) He’s virtually the only candidate who talks about war and troops—no doubt in phrases like “bring the troops home” and “troops in 147 countries.” All those folks who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 to end the war may be wondering where the determined young antiwar senator went; now he doesn’t even talk about America’s wars.

It’s no surprise that Ron Paul uses the words “freedom” and “liberty” more than all the other candidates combined. Those words are pretty basic to the American political tradition. Why don’t the other candidates mention them? He’s also the most likely to mention the Constitution, the document that limits the powers the candidates wish to exercise.

No wonder the other candidates try to pretend like he’s not there.  Those topics aren’t very glamorous, but they are the meat and potatoes of a healthy nation.

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I Wouldn’t Hire Ron Paul… by Charles Goyette

This is the best article I’ve seen in recent times on the obvious and flagrant differences between Paul and Romney.

I will grant that Ron Paul is both intelligent and wise. And yes, it is true, that he is the most effective champion of human liberty in public life and seems to know more about the U.S. Constitution than any other elected official. He does seem to be personally kind and is even patient with the most obnoxious media figures. And it’s clear from his voting record that he is a man of principle and integrity.

Still, I wouldn’t hire Ron Paul…

… to fix my car. He could be a backyard automotive tinkerer for all I know. But there is no public evidence to that effect. And I sure wouldn’t hire him to do eye surgery.

He’s not that kind of doctor.

Nor would I hire him to structure a leveraged buyout or manage a hostile corporate takeover. He’s not experienced in those things. In fact, for something like that, or to run a private equity firm that does corporate turnarounds, I actually might hire Mitt Romney. It seems he has both experience and demonstrable success in that area.

But I certainly wouldn’t hire Romney to be president.

Especially now.

via I Wouldn’t Hire Ron Paul… by Charles Goyette.

Electionwatch: 2012

Item The First:
via » It’s the Math, Stupid!: Seven Devastating Facts About 2012 – Big Government.

As we enter 2012, the presidential candidates would do well to wrap their minds and messages around these seven mathematical facts:

  1. Every day, the U.S. government takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion. This means that every day the federal government spends $4 billion more dollars than it has.
  2. The real unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 11 percent.
  3. Every fifth man you pass on your way to work is now out of work.
  4. College graduates are now 34% less likely to find a job under Obama than they were under President George W. Bush.
  5. Every seventh person you pass on the sidewalk now relies on food stamps.
  6. The ravages of the Obama economy now mean that more Americans live under the federal poverty line than at any time in U.S. history since records have been kept.
  7. Under President Barack Obama, every fifth child in America now lives in poverty.

Item The Second:
via A Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ Proposals to Cut Spending | Cato @ Liberty.

Ron Paul

Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” would eliminate the departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Housing & Urban Development, and Interior. Numerous agencies and programs would be eliminated or cut.

Paul supports allowing younger people to opt-out of Social Security and Medicare. Medicaid and other mandatory programs like food stamps would be block-granted to the states. Funding would be cut and froze. Further elaboration on his ideas for Social Security and Medicare would be helpful.

Paul proposes to end all foreign aid. Military spending cuts would be achieved by bringing troops home from overseas and pursuing a non-interventionist foreign policy.

When it comes to proposing specific spending cuts and identifying the dollars amounts, Paul’s website is unrivaled. He is the only candidate to put together an actual budget proposal. Paul’s spending proposals would amount to the largest reduction in the size and scope of the federal government of any candidate.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who actually gives concrete fixes for the nation’s problems, which are entirely caused by too much government.

None of the other candidates want to actually eliminate or reduce anything; they’d much rather talk about making painful decisions and complain about Democrats holding up the process.

Questions for Presidential ‘Debate’ Participants by Chris Sullivan

It would indeed be quite amusing to see these questions asked at a presidential debate:

Below are fifty questions that I would like to see asked of the panel of candidates at the so-called “debates.” There could be many more, but this is a start.

1 (a.)All of you who use an income tax preparer, raise your hand.

(b.) If you (who raised hands) can not prepare your own taxes, how do you propose to run the country?

2. If you can not prepare your own tax returns, is it reasonable to hold the average citizen criminally liable for errors?

3. How do you expect to understand bills sent to you for your signature if you can’t fill out a tax return?

Read ’em all! via Questions for Presidential ‘Debate’ Participants by Chris Sullivan.

Democrats release attack ad calling Romney a flip-flopper

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the announcement of assumed Republican front-runner Mitt Romney pursuing another presidential bid, Democrats also had an announcement about the presidential hopeful: Romney is a flip- flopping politician.

No need for that — the Democrats can simply run campaign ads for Romney, pointing out that Romney supports the Democrat position on every issue.

Romney is a true Democrat, a Republican In Name Only.

Unfortunately, the extent of a Utahn’s research into a candidate and the issues is, “DUH, IS THERE A R OR A D BY THE CHECKBOX, DERRR.”

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