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Seal of approval: Security certifications and Pipe Dreams

Clearly, demonstrating the value of certifications is a key priority for credentialing bodies. Regardless, the flagship accreditations are doing better than ever. Tipton says December was a record-breaking month, when there were some 3,700 CISSP exams taken (only about half passed).

And it’s no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after certifications, considering holders make about $98,000 a year on average, up from $78,000 if they didn’t have it.

I got that cert last year!  Now I just have to get off the bottom end of the pay curve…

via Seal of approval: Security certifications – SC Magazine.

Top 6 Career Tips » client k

Client K shares 6 career tips:

They are

1) Visualize what you want
2) Take time for professional development
3) Associate with achievers
4) Find a trusted mentor
5) Put money at risk
by rewarding yourself


6) Control your workspace

via Top 6 Career Tips » client k.

I’m not quite sure what “Control your workspace” means… perhaps it means finding jobs you want to do, or something like that.

I’ve almost always done #2, I’ve just started #1, am working on #4, have #5 in the bag, and need to get started on #3 and #6.

The trouble is, the job market here is so tiny, it’s hard to find local mentors or achievers.  Thank goodness for the Internet!