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The emperor has new boots

I don’t remember wearing boots until I crashed my RX-7 and replaced it with a motorcycle.  From that day on, I rode my motorcycle everywhere I went, every day of the year.

One day around 1996 or 1997, a coworker who also rode told me about the super comfy boots they sell over at Helimot.  I rode over, and immediately bought a pair of the Road Stars.  Boy were they fantastic!  Comfortable from Day One with the adjustable calf sections, zippers up both sides of the feet, and ankle and shin armor.

I wore them darn near every day for the next 10 years, except for the days it was raining, when I’d switch to the waterproof Trans Opens.

So now here I am in Utah, motorcycle-less, with nothing but sneakers to wear, and I’m getting the boot-itch again.  I went out and hit the local stores, and because this is cowboy country, they have plenty of boots… but they are all pull-on Wellingtons and cowboy boots.  I went searching around online for side-zip boots, and the niftiest pair I found is the Chippewa Men’s 10″ Mocc Toe Waterproof Upland Sportility Back Zip Boot.  But no store within 100 miles stocks ’em, and they are too expensive to mail-order without being able to try them on first.

So then I had a super idea: Polish up my old Daytonas and wear them!

Dirty old boots

That’s a semi-before picture.  The boots have a plastic patch on the top of the foot where the shifter is, but on both boots instead of just on the left.  I had already taken both patches off before I realized this was bloggable, so then I set the pieces of one patch back on the right boot for that photo.

I cut the shifter patches off, pulled all the thread out, and then laid into ’em with some boot black.  Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  I only polished the bottom half of the boot, ’cause I didn’t want the polish rubbing onto the inside of my pants.

Freshly polished boots
They are just as comfortable as I remember, and plenty warm on these cold winter days. The only problem is the soles are flat and smooth – no tread or traction to speak of on snow or ice.  I’ll get ’em over to a cobbler one of these days to see if they can replace or supplement the sole.