Master of Orion: Ship Guide

Ever play Master of Orion, by Microprose? Here’s a list of the ships you’ll need to identify to avoid being invaded!

Page numbers / Ships

  • 26-30

Paladin Marauder Gladiator Devastator Cutlass

  • 31-35

Sky Hawk Shark Dark Star Cyclops Panther

  • 36-40

Corvette Penetrator Punisher Black Widow Destroyer

  • 41-45

Warbird Piranha Banshee Hydra Cheeta

  • 46-50

Dreadstar Foxbat Hunter Hornet Star Blazer

  • 51-55

Knight Kraken Avenger Manta Warcat

  • 56-60

Escort Nemesis Warbear Scorpion Seeker

  • 61-65

Condor Sun Fire Viper Titan Lynx

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