Is it still "thrift" at these prices?

Apparently, The Gap has stopped selling new men’s jeans, and now only carries old, worn, and torn men’s jeans. But, they still sell them at or above what regular new jeans would cost.

I discovered this, when I went to exchange a pair of nearly-white Khaki’s that I received for Christmas, for a comfortable pair of jeans. However, while they have like 6 different cuts of jeans, all of them have tons of wear around the leg cuffs, and many of them have holes in the knee.

Why would someone go to a new store and spend $60 for a pair of nearly worn-out jeans? Why not just hit the thrift store and find a pair of worn-out Gap jeans for $5?


One thought on “Is it still "thrift" at these prices?

  1. Merven’s is having a sale this week on jeans for men. Looks like they were under 40 dollars each.

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