Wherein I am quite surprised by craigslist

craigslist.org is a funny site. Being able to list a free classified is quite an attractive proposition, and you can find an amazing array of bizarre items and bizarre people there. Some posts will really make you laugh.

For instance, a fellow listed a brand new Yamaha YZF-R6 sportbike for sale for $13,500. MSRP on that bike is $9,100.

But that’s beside the point. What totally surprised me today, was browsing the motorcycle classifieds, and finding my 2002 KTM Supermoto for sale! It is in the exact same condition as I sold it, with what appears to be the same number of miles. All the customizations I installed for my comfort and riding pleasure are there.

I had purchased it as a more comfortable alternative to my supersport TL1000s, and then sold it a year later, as it was not practical to keep two motorcycles and a truck running, as “spare vehicles,” and the TL worked better for my super-long commute.

The Supermoto is a great bike though. With that long travel suspension, curbs and speedbumps become wheelie opportunities. It’s so light, that pushing it after running out of gas is no more difficult than pushing a mountain bike. With the electrical outlet I installed, I could plug in an electric vest, and stay warm throughout winter.

Ahh, good times. Motorcycles make life more pleasant.

One thought on “Wherein I am quite surprised by craigslist

  1. For some reason I am fascinated by craigslist. I check it daily. It is a better list though in Seattle then here in SLC. Mormons give their crap to DI.

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