Don’t throw things in the bathroom

So, today I’m taking a nice warm shower, and I notice a cap from a bottle of shampoo is in the little tray that holds the shampoos, soap, and other unidentifiable bottled goods my wife keeps in the tray. The cap rolls around, preventing the bottles from standing upright, and generally takes up more space than anything that is useless garbage should take up.

So I plucked it from the tray, and tossed it lightly over the shower curtain, in the direction of the garbage and sink.

But instead of it landing with a clatter on the counter or floor, I hear glass shatter and tinkle on the floor. Puzzled, I pull the curtain aside, and see that the cap had hit one of the super large lightbulbs above the vanity, shattering it, with shards landing all over the sink, toilet, my clothes, and the floor.

Oh well, just another day.

One thought on “Don’t throw things in the bathroom

  1. So that is what happened! I was wondering what was up with the broken one. It sure was hard to unscrew.

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