I finally finished the shelf extension in the kitchen

Filled the void where the fridge used to be. It turned out a little jankier than I envisioned, but it’s nothing a little caulk won’t fix.

3 thoughts on “I finally finished the shelf extension in the kitchen

  1. So what do you have on the new shelf? I thought that was where the microwave was supposed to go. It looks great.

  2. I don't know. I think it takes a lot more than a shelf to fill the void a fridge can leave behind. That fridge is like a dear friend! It's the first one I talk to in the morning, the one I go to when I am sad or hungry. Things just aren't going to be the same without it.

  3. The fridge is just over to the side so we still give it lots of attention. I love the new shelf. It is perfect for the toaster oven…which is actually used almost as much as the fridge. Someday the microwave will go right above the toaster oven under that little cupboard and that will really fill the void. Then my mixer can go where the microwave is…oh the possibilities with time and money….someday…

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