How I spent my weekend in Kemmerer, Wyoming, by Me.

Last Friday afternoon, I hopped in my truck, loaded it up with camping gear, ammo, and a rifle, then drove over and picked up Kim and Craig and their camping gear, ammo, and guns, and drove off to:

We were going to an Appleseed weekend shooting seminar! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in, so we drove back to town and found the only restaurant still open at 8:30 on a Friday in a podunk little town in Wyoming: a Chinese restaurant.

When we first walked in, that saying “You can judge a restaurant by the number of locals dining there” popped into my head, because the place was empty as a squirrel’s cheek in a bowling ball factory! (I picked up catchy sayings like that in my time in the old west.) Luckily, 3 locals walked in right behind us, and so we sat down and ordered a dish each.

I didn’t get any pictures of this place or our food, but Kim did, so hopefully she’ll post those and fill in the blanks. Anyway, our dishes of food were so big that we could each only eat about a quarter of the servings! But the relatives we were meeting at the shoot started rolling in, and so each wave of cars came in and chowed down on the Chinese, and it was enough to feed 8 hungry people! Score!

Eventually though, as it always does, night fell, and we had to set up camp in the dark. But at least it wasn’t raining!

Saturday morning broke bright and early and brisk and cold. But hey, there’s the outhouse!

Hmm, something here isn’t quite right…

Somebody dun shot up the crapper!

Every time I was in there, I felt like that scene in Young Guns. I can’t quite recollect what happened, just that some building got shot up with Billy inside. ‘cept, ain’t no way I was gonna go burrowing down underneath this john to escape through the underground!

Eventually, Kim woke up…

And then everyone else did too, and we had a delicious breakfast. Well, the dehydrated eggs weren’t as delectable as a body would like them to be, but ain’t no sense complainin’ if y’ain’t got nothing better, as I always say.

Around 8:30, the Appleseed instructors showed up, along with another five or six people, and we hunkered on over to this shooting range and began the day’s activities.

My first target of the day wasn’t all that impressive. There was supposed to be 3 shots on each redcoat, and one on that little red square. This, and all the other shootin’ of the weekend, was done at 25 yards.

Kim and Melissa got their Pirate on, in an effort to stop their left eyes from screwing up their aiming with the right.

They’d make a good road crew: mostly standing around jawin’ while one person does all the work.

This is the coolest house I saw all weekend. I wonder what it’d sell for?

This is where the skies get bigger on their way to Montana.

Everyone all laid down, shooting one of the prone rounds.

I was going to caption this one: “Kim puts her best foot forward on her way to shooting her best score ever” but she didn’t even hike up her shooting leg one bit!

But there’s no arguing with these results!

So went Saturday. Eventually we finished shooting, at dinner (Brent’s mystery bean-in-the-thermos meal), got cold, had a gun cleaning party, and all went to bed.
The next morning went a lot like Saturday, but with drizzle. Roughly one at a time, we’d drag our dome tents underneath the awning of the range house and take them down for packing.

Then everybody else showed up again, and the day began!

The range instructor started the lectures while holding an axe and looked a lot like Thor on PCP.

We moved targets from the uncovered area to our former campsite so we could shoot from the only dry spot in Wyoming.

See the puddles in front of the firing line? THE WHOLE STATE WAS LIKE THAT.

This was towards the end of the day, half the people had left. We were packed so tight under the awning that we had to learn a new firing position: The spooning position.
Kim finally got a leg up, though, after everyone else left and she could spread out and not have to shoot through that post.

And then we all packed up and left! Good times.

If you ever have the chance to attend an Appleseed shoot, I highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend in Kemmerer, Wyoming, by Me.

  1. Maybe it was that darn knee that was causing all my problems! Should it be up or down? Was that one picture really the way I was firing just before I got all those bull's-eyes (or is it bull-eyes' or bulls-eyes')?

  2. The comment about shooting from the spooning position had me about laughing out loud on a conference call. Luckily I had a mute button.

  3. I'm glad you weren't in the outhouse when somebody shot it up. I'm also happy about your new way of talking. Welcome home, cowboy!

    But after reading the whole riveting account, and perusing all the cool pictures, I still don't know what it all had to do with appleseeds.

  4. I think the appleseed part had to do with leaving poor me with all the kids and a garden to plant while everyone goes and shoots! seeds=garden

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