Obama said his administration already has identified $2 trillion in government spending cuts that can be made over the next decade.

Obama said he would cut spending considered wasteful, and invest in programs that will help the economy recover.

Based on the kind of pork he considers necessary stimulus, I bet he’s going to cut spending on border patrol and actual Constitutional government responsibilities, and greatly expand spending in every other area.

I bet he’s going to spend on everything the government isn’t supposed to do, and treble spending on everything government at minimum has no authority to do and most likely is outright prohibited from doing… and the CNN article seems to confirm that.


2 thoughts on “Obamanation

  1. I saw the heading on a Newsweek in the store that said, “We are living in Socialism now.”

    That’s really scary to me!

  2. Who’s idea was it to vote for him for Pres? I can’t believe the American people are so dumb that we have come to this.

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