Follow-up on a post long overdue

I had forgotten to take pictures of the front of the house last week, so could only post pictures of the front and backyards.


Good think you keep visiting this otherwise uneventful blog, wouldn’t you say?

This is what you’ll see as you approach our house from the south – a mailbox with the wrong name, the front yard, and a pair of vehicles if we’re both home and haven’t loaned out either of them…

As you come around the front, you’ll see this glorious view! (That’s our barn visible straight back behind the left side of the house.)

And most likely, we’ll be watching you through those huge windows while eating our grub.

And if you forgot to hit your brakes, or hit them too hard on an icy day, you’ll progress across the front…

… and then see the far side of the house as you skid past, looking over your shoulder at it while your wife screams in terror.

I mean seriously, why do women get so worked up over a little ice slide?

5 thoughts on “Follow-up on a post long overdue

  1. I don’t scream I just hold on tight and try not to scream as the huge truck goes 50 mph out of control down the street or off the street or into oncoming traffic !

  2. She’s a California girl, ya gotta give her a couple of years to let her warm up to the ice. haahaa. Or teach her how to do donuts in a parking lot, that could be a fun date, but not while she’s pregnant, or when there are kids in the car.

  3. Thanks for the slide-by view of your new place!

    Am I missing something, or are there no gun racks in that truck of yours?

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