Movie Reviews In One Word: The Transporter Series

Transporter: Good
Transporter 2: Over-The-Top
Transporter 3: Annoying

Movie Reviews Expanded:

Transporter: Excellent action, good driving and fight scenes, good cinematography, story, and dialog.

Transporter 2: Not as much driving, too much story with too many bad actors, and they forgot to draw the line at believable action and took it way too far.

Transporter 3: Dumb story, with too many close-ups of the cute chick making stupid faces. It has lots of driving, but instead of good chase scenes, they are all sped up with camera work with the cars too close together. Dumb premise to the story, and the plot is revealed in a hodge podge of sloppy camera work meant to make things look like action. My main beef with the basis of the story: If you are going to commit extortion and kidnapping and you have a vast supply of money and goons, why in the world would you force an enemy to safeguard the target? Bah I say, BAH!

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