Happy Birthday Maggie!

Thanksgiving day, what is there to do while all the womenfolk are cooking and chatting and whatever else they do on that side of the house? Sleep, of course!

But then, fun fun started, and Maggie turned 9. She counted and lit her candles all by herself! (although I helped light them when she started dripping candle wax on the cake, and burned herself.)

The puzzle that was started that morning eluded completion, no matter how many people worked on it. UNTIL! Late in the evening, after (most of) the food was gone and all the guests (except us) had left, we worked on, pursuing elusive puzzle glory.

And boy did we get it! A puzzle designed to be too long to be assembled on a regular table, but also designed NOT to be assembled into a single long piece. It was magnificent, and oodles of puzzle glory were had by us persistent few!!

Then everyone slept off their new pounds, and the next morning, we woke and went shooting. Between the 8 of us, we shared 5 shooting bays, and about 18 firearms. We shot until it got too cold to hold onto anything besides your own pocket, and then high-tailed it out of there.

And, of course, no family gathering is complete without drama and fighting, and we had that too! With our family spread out from Logan to Lindon, the whole meal was organized via e-mail, and some plans didn’t get communicated.

It turned out, half the family was planning on me driving my truck to SLC for the gathering, where they would then load it up with several tons of nuts.

But since no one told me that plan, I drove my little red car.

In perfect irony, I had been planning on selling the car, but the buyer flaked the day before. And since it’s my favorite car ever, I wasn’t super sad about that.

So on Thanksgiving morning, I was happily driving my car to SLC, enjoying the ride, rejoicing in how much easier it is to do U-turns in a car than in a massive truck, how much more fun it is to corner in a car, and when driving through the canyon, how nice it was to be able to look up at the peaks through the sunroof.

Little did I know that mere hours later, everyone would be grumbling angrily all around me, because I had driven the car instead of the truck. But that’s why we love getting together as a family!

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