Just FYI

The book everyone has been waiting for, Hot Chicks With Douchebags, is finally in print! If I don’t see this on everyone’s To Read shelf on GoodReads, I’ll throw a hissyfit! If nothing else, my Christmas gift shopping list just wrote itself.

And I know I am a major mover and shaker in the book world, because the last time I gave a book 5 stars, two, COUNT THEM TWO, of my relatives immediately marked it as “to read.”

Yup, I’m the next Oprah’s Book Club.

2 thoughts on “Just FYI

  1. Are you looking at the hotties or the douchebags? Can’t wait for us to get a new house so you will have other things to fill your time with. Sheez!

  2. I liked how one of the reviewers on Amazon.com called it, “The “War and Peace” of my generation.” I don’t know where you find this stuff, but this guys website is pretty funny

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