Another fun trip shooting

This is the weekend of a big family gathering on the in-law side, for a baby blessing and a little boy’s birthday party. But since blessings and birthday parties only take up so much time, what do you do the rest of the day?

Shooting, of course!

So 10 or so of us piled into three cars with a whole mess of guns and ammo, and drove on up to Prescott for hours of fun.

But the range at Prescott was closed, so instead, we spent a half-hour driving back down to Smithfield for hours of fun.

And indeed, it was fun!

This is the location where we saw the dead deer, and it was still there!

Well, some of it was, anyway.

Only one leg was still attached, the others were strewn about the field. Something got a good meal from these leftovers!

I can’t wait to see what it looks like in spring! Unfortunately, it stank pretty bad when the wind blew across the carcass into our firing line. So, we did our best to overpower the deadness smell with gunpowder, and it worked! Guns are indeed the miracle machines!

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