Passing the torch to a new generation

This morning, I introduced my kids to the immortally brilliant Numa Numa song.

Then we watched the actual band performing their song, a few times in a row.

And then, watching all their super groovy, high-powered synchronized dance moves, I recalled watching one of Frida’s videos the other day, Tell Me That It’s Over, and realized that leg-kicking has come a long way! Fast forward Frida’s video to about 48 seconds, when she launches into an utterly uninhibited kick-fest, and then her background singers go nuts with their synchronized hip-swinging! (Check out this version where she’s singing solo, and she busts out all sorts of crazy dance moves and during close-ups, makes her face dance since we can’t see her body!!)

Yeah, so compare Frida’s moves with the massive group-kick-fest of O-Zone performing Numa Numa — they not only do synchronized left and right kicks to the front, but also synchronized left and right kicks to the rear, with arm swinging!!!

We’ve come a long way, baby.

One thought on “Passing the torch to a new generation

  1. That’s hilarious. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what language ozone was singing in, but I can’t believe Frida ever got famous. She has as much shomanship as a doornob. Funny!

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