The Queen Gets New Shoes

(OK, so the title was supposed to be a parody on the Emperor getting new clothes, when in fact he gets nothing but a cool breeze, but in this story, Kim really does get new shoes instead of running barefoot or naked, and she’s more of a running fanatic than a queen, although I mean “not a queen” in the literal and not figurative nor comportmental sense, as she could very easily pass for a queen, or at least a princess, given the right dress.)

Yesterday, Kim had quite the cow stressing about some shoes she had mail-ordered last week that she thought were supposed to be here on the very day they had shipped from somewhere back east but were not here because they had barely even been shipped, and that by UPS ground, and so they wouldn’t even be here until several days later, which turned out to be today.

Her old shoes had been killing her feet, and she had sworn in her agony to toss those old shoes, and replace them with some super fancy pants new trail shoes.

So you can only imagine her delight, when last night, she found out her shoes were not in fact lost in the mail, but still in transit, and due to be delivered tomorrow, which turned out actually to be today.

And luckily for me, I came home for lunch, and was able to witness the occasion.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, that the UPS guy came buy, and Kim went running out gleefully to hug and greet him.

So he held the box WAY out in front of himself as she charged up like a mad (but extremely joyful) dog.

Have you ever seen a comparable grin? I haven’t.

Just like Christmas Morning, Kim ripped that box open and turned her shoes over in her hands so fast I could not even get a good photograph of them.

And while this may seem like the end of the story, it is actually only the beginning!!!

One thought on “The Queen Gets New Shoes

  1. I think this is a sign that Kim needs to get out more. Attacking the UPS guy is no way to live!

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