What will be my legacy?

I don’t think I ever wrote about it, but the Fat Guy is gone.

He’d not been around very much, mostly working in a different building with a different group, since he didn’t have any work to do in our group since we moved over to the main campus. So, we only saw him once a month or so, when he’d visit all his stuff in his cube.

And then, one Monday, I went into his cube to look for a book he had let me borrow on a previous occasion, and surprise surprise, a whole bunch of his stuff was gone! There was still a ton of stuff there, and his name plate, so it wasn’t obvious that he was actually gone.

And then I got the assignment of cleaning out his cube to make room for some other guy on our team who was moving into that space.

So I went through all the boxes he hadn’t unpacked after moving from the old building (two years ago!), through his drawers, and through the overhead bin.

In the drawers I found a whole bunch of pizza coupons he hadn’t been able to use yet, and some of the microwave popcorn we had in the old building.

In his boxes, I found a bunch of random stuff, and a few notebooks.

Actually, a LOT of notebooks.

Most with writing only on the first page or two. Some had dates, and were many years old.

So I gave them to the kids and threw the rest of the leftover stuff away.

So, now that I’m leaving the company, what will I leave behind for my co-workers to find? Definitely not notebooks, they are too fun to leave behind!

3 thoughts on “What will be my legacy?

  1. I think you should leave nothing but a beat up copy of Moby Dick with random ominous words underlined.

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