Thoughts on moving…

For a few months, I thought it’d be really cool to get a job in Utah and move out there and buy a house. It seemed like the perfect plan.

But then I remembered how, when I was a kid living in Layton, UT, I thought the summers were miserable hot, and how the winters were miserable cold. I remember, every season, wishing it was the opposite season.

And then I realized if we moved to Utah, the motorcycle season would actually be a season, instead of a year-round thing like it is here, seeing as how I ride in the rain and cold, but not in snow or over ice.

I decided it’s much better to save up a bit and buy a house and stay here.

But then California went and did this and this.

That’s like the second or third time CA has launched organized gun confiscations. And requiring credentials for home schooling? Suffering succotash!!!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on moving…

  1. I’ve been wishing I lived in California, and complaining often to my husband. The other day when I read about the homeschooling thing, I had to change my bid. We are stuck here, it could be worse though, at least it’s Alaska.

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