Smartest One-Year-Old EVAR

This morning we were all getting ready for church. Becky had gotten Veronica dressed first of all, so she was just walking around, looking at everyone else. She came over and watched me at my dresser, and noticed I was getting socks out of my sock drawer.

So she walked over to the closet, and came back a little while later with one of my black leather shoes, the shoes I only wear on Sunday to church.

I thought that was pretty spiffy, so I thanked her and asked her to go get the other. She walked into the closet, and came back a few seconds later with the other shoe!

Then I sat down and she helped me put them on. What a great little girl.

2 thoughts on “Smartest One-Year-Old EVAR

  1. They are all daddy’s girls. He just has to think of something and they are tripping over each other trying to be daddy’s favorite. He has all his daughters eating out of his hands.
    Or the truth is, he is a lot nicer to them then I am so of course they want to please him.
    Spoiled rotten! Or am I jealous?

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