FBI and terrorism

It’s somewhat ironic that the FBI is behind every terror plot that they’ve ever stopped, and didn’t catch or know about any of the domestic plots that succeded. so here’s a funny headline:

FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Senator Feinstein Responds By Saying We Should Censor The Internet

The FBI incited some terrorism and then arrested the patsies before actually goading them into doing anything.  And Feinstein reacts by being so appalled at the Internet-recources the FBI pointed their fall-guys to that she wants to ban it again, even though the FBI already told her she can’t.

And then John Mueller suggests a new method to deal with would-be terrorists; instead of spending millions trying to groom do-nothing blowhards into following a FBI plot and then arresting them:

The experience with another case can be taken to suggest that there could be an alternative, and far less costly, approach to dealing with would-be terrorists, one that might generally (but not always) be effective at stopping them without actually having to jail them.

It involves a hothead in Virginia who ranted about jihad on Facebook, bragging about how “we dropped the twin towers.” He then told a correspondent in New Orleans that he was going to bomb the Washington, D.C. Metro the next day. Not wanting to take any chances and not having the time to insinuate an informant, the FBI arrested him. Not surprisingly, they found no bomb materials in his possession. Since irresponsible bloviating is not illegal (if it were, Washington would quickly become severely underpopulated), the police could only charge him with a minor crime – making an interstate threat. He received only a good scare, a penalty of time served and two years of supervised release.

Sounds like a decent plan, but it’s too reasonable to be implemented.

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