Are you a blogger, or someone who blogs?

We all know the difference between someone who does something just to do it, and someone who actually lives and breathes the task, right? Well, it turns out, in my heart of hearts, I am actually a blogger, and not just someone who blogs.

How did I come to this conclusion?

Well, a few days back me and my arch-nemesis Bruce were chatting about his new Twitter feed. He tried to push me to use Twitter too, but as I barely update my blog as it is, I don’t know what I’d twitter about.

But anyway, a night or two later, while I was deep in REM sleep, I drempt I was at work, plugging away on my computer with Quintessential playing my MP3 library, as I am wont to do. Periodically, someone would walk by and talk to me, and then head on their way. And then, Danny Elfman stopped by to ask me about something. Turns out, he was working at my company on some musical project. As we were chatting, I realized that my computer was softly playing an Oingo Boingo tune! How great of a coincidence is that!

So finally, Danny went on his way, and I returned to my computer, and immediatly thought about how appropriate that would be for a simple Twitter post: Chatted with Danny Elfman at work while listening to Oingo Boingo. Then I thought about what a great and fascinating blog entry this would make.

Yep, so as you can see, since I dream about having fascinating experiences and then blogging about them, I am a true blogger.

However, I am not One Who Blogs, as you can tell by the paucity of posts in this blog.

4 thoughts on “Are you a blogger, or someone who blogs?

  1. Oh yeah, that’s what I forgot to put – Lesli is obviously both a blogger and someone who blogs, and I always enjoy reading all her posts.

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