Mexican Train with Kim

Last week, Kim taught me how to play Mexican Train, a dominoes game wherein you play the part of a Chinese railroad magnate, and get Mexicans to build you a super-long railroad without any broken bridges, because broken bridges mean that you have to keep pulling tiles from the boneyard while Kim plays on your railroad. The goal is to play all your tiles and have the lowest score.

Anyway, this is how the game went, with the final score at the bottom (and I have no idea why blogger puts so much space above the table):

Kim Mike
Cheated 37
Cheated 34
Totally cheated 6
Cheated 29
46 Won fair and square
Kinda cheated 17
46 123

All in all, it was a fun game with plenty of laughs. Ivon was gifted the game by his new great-aunt-in-law, and we now play it at every family gathering, and will probably play it for FHE, too.

4 thoughts on “Mexican Train with Kim

  1. Mexican train is pretty awesome. Never play with my dad though. He cheats. Granted, I am pretty sure he only cheats so someone catches him. He likes to stir up trouble.

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