Valuable Life Skills

Because one of the central tenants of my religion is emergency preparedness, I vehemently recommend this self-assessment test to both of my readers.


Looks like I need to work out a little more, and develop some alternate strategies just in case they are zombie 5-year-olds.

7 thoughts on “Valuable Life Skills

  1. Dang! I tried to take the test but all I get at the end is an opportunity to sign up for online dating. There is no score.

  2. I think I could take on 50 or more but all I got at the end was a chance to meet single people and sign up for that. Bummer.

  3. Well that was retarded. Their link code didn’t go to the same website as what gave the test.

    So I changed it, and it should go to the same test I took that gave an actual score.

    Try again, if you dare!

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