Q: What do you call “Three guys legally packing heat at the theaters?” A: “A good start.”

A screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Cookeville., Tenn., was halted on Thursday after a theater worker reported seeing a moviegoer with a gun.

According to the Cookeville Herald-Citizen, a police officer who arrived at the auditorium discovered three men with handguns.

Unfortunately for them:

Tennessee law allows permit carry holders to bring handguns into movie theaters, restaurants, clubs and other businesses, unless the business prohibits this by posting signs, “displayed in prominent locations,” said Kevin Crawford of the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security.

Possession of a weapon on “posted property” is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $500, according to state law.

They just need to make sure they post some big “No Guns” signs on the emergency exits — the Aurora theater had “No Guns” signs at the box office but none out back, which is probably why the Redheaded Criminal didn’t go home discouraged instead of shooting all those people.

Heck, they should put some “No Shooting The Patrons” signs up too.

Luckily for everyone present, nobody wound up shooting the patrons after seeing the police ensure that everyone was defenseless.

via Movie theaters review gun policies after Colorado shootings ยป The Commercial Appeal. h/t to Tam.

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