Humberto blows through

One thing that is true across all cultures, all times, all peoples, in all the history and experience of mankind, is that if you give a security person a golf cart, he or she will turn into an unbearable nazi. Today, I was sent to a site with a golf-cart-parking-nazi. It’s a site where there are normal workers, and in the back, there’s two rows of parking spots dedicated to the technicians who may be working there.

The parking nazi tickets whomever is there, no matter what. I was forewarned, and knew what to expect. However, I did not expect to encounter he so soon!

As soon as I turned into the parking lot, this is the first thing I saw.

There she was, sitting, waiting for me. But… BAM!!! My co-workers had given me a protective sigil!

And just like magic, my Kia went unmolested for the two hours or so I was there. Then I set off in search of food, and found a delightful little Mexican restaurant called Jack in the Box. I know it’s a Mexican restaurant , because everyone working and eating there was Mexican, even me!

On the road again, I thought about getting some shoes to wear at customer sites, instead of my Adidas athletic slides, and wanted something to keep the rain off my head. I settled for a small umbrella, and didn’t see anywhere interesting to get shoes.

Then after a bit more work at a different site, I drove through Hurricane Humberto back to my hotel. And surprise of surprises, my luggage bag was waiting for me! The airline had found it somewhere at about 11:00, and promised to delivery it to my hotel within 6 hours, and it was behind the desk when I rolled in. Yippee!

I put my laptop on AC to recharge, and set off for dinner: more authentic Mexican food to appease the anger of Humberto. I also wanted to get a new toothbrush, because I left mine on the bathroom counter, and the hired help tossed it. I also wanted some band-aids, because my hands have taken a beating working on these darn machines.

But I forgot all that stuff, when I picked up this feast, to go:

Check that out – they even gave me a sack of those chips! Score! I ate and watched some kind of marathon of Mythbusters, and went to bed. Good day.

Oh, and you know what’s wacky? Here in Texas, Leno comes on at 10! How wack is that?

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