Primal food storage

I’d consider myself a “semi-primal” — I eat meat and veggies, but also bread and sugar.

I’d like to go more primal, but cannot think of what I’d snack on or eat during emergencies.

Happily, Rick Miller of Liberty Study wrote an article with good suggestions.  Unfortunately, most of it does not sound delicious or satisfying.

You decide!

When considering dry food to store, one can come up with quite a few choices:

Dried Mushrooms
Kale Chips (dehydrated kale)
Basically any dehydrated veggies
Canned Fish/Seafood (choose wisely – low mercury, high omega-3)
Seeds (including chia and/or hemp)
Oils (especially coconut and olive)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Pre-cooked Bacon (nitrate-free)

via Primal Prepping by Rick Miller.

One thought on “Primal food storage

  1. You can’t snack on Ghee! That’s just looney! The only ones that sound good are nuts and seeds and jerky. But what about dried fruit? Raisins, apricots, apples, peaches, bananas!

    Seriously? Ghee? Like eating butter flavored shortening.

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