Adventures with Kurt and Lori: Victim Impact Statement

Kurt Haskell and his wife were on the airplane the Underwear Bomber tried to blow up.  Follow the link to read his statement, given in court, at the sentencing:

Every victim of a crime in Michigan is entitled to make a statement in open court regarding the impact of the crime on their life. The statement is limited to the victim’s physical, emotional and financial well being as it relates to the crime. Keep that in [mind] as you read my statement. Below is a copy of the victim impact statement I gave today at the Underwear Bomber sentencing hearing. When reading my statement, keep in mind that I am a practicing attorney in the State of Michigan. In addition, I regularly practice in the Court the hearings are taking place at and therefore, I am somewhat limited as to what I can say. We were limited to 5 minutes each.

via Adventures with Kurt and Lori: Victim Impact Statement.

His wife’s statement is here: Letter to Judge Edmunds

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