Give us a call!

Let’s see, today’s the 21st, and the cell phone plan shared by me, Becky, Kim, and Pam cycles on the 26th, subtract the weekend…

That leaves 4 days for us to use up 1,210 minutes!

So please, if you are on AT&T or Cingular, do not call us until the 27th. If you are a Verizon, Sprint, or any other service user, please call and talk to us at length on the topic of your choice.

Oh, and I hope you have a lot of minutes to burn.

2 thoughts on “Give us a call!

  1. Ha ha ha. That is really funny. I really wish we could donate our minutes to soldiers serving in some unconstitutional war outside of the US.

  2. I lost my phone for one week and that is when I would have used all those minutes. Then the phone was found and I forgot all the things I was going to say so I didn’t call anyone.

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