Stricken down by Taco Bell

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, so here’s some background on the fat guy:

He was the IT guy for our old company. So he set up everyone’s computers, did all the tech support, set up e-mail accounts and the company website hosting, and all sorts of stuff like that.

For some reason, he set up his own e-mail account to be ‘’

So sporadically, when he uses that e-mail address, everyone in the company gets to see the reply. And this morning, he sent an e-mail to our boss, but misspelled the name, so it bounced and everyone got a copy.

Turns out, the fat guy had too much Taco Bell last night and was sick. He wants to work from home today so he can sleep it off.

I think I’ll go to Taco Bell for lunch, and take the rest of the day off.

One thought on “Stricken down by Taco Bell

  1. Oooh, that wasn’t nice. Poor Fat Guy. He needs to change his email. Silly guy. Good thing he didn’t talk about the end product escaping his body uncontrollably as the reason he wanted to work from home, that would be embarrassing.

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