When The Law of the Land is Simply Too Much By Bill Buppert

Well said:

The unfortunate reality is that every one of us in America is moments from a police encounter or judicial decision that robs you of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no common sense to the law anymore. It is simply a means for a monstrous and unthinking bureaucratic machine to slowly crush everything in its path including our very futures. The answer remains: there is no government like no government.

“A country is in a bad state, which is governed only by laws; because a thousand things occur for which laws cannot provide, and where authority ought to interpose.”

– Samuel Johnson

If I ever run for office, my tagline will be a play on the well-known Recycling line: Reduce, Return, RepealReduce the size of government, Return self-government to the people, Repeal as many laws as possible.

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