Mine eyes

I had an eye appointment this noon. I almost missed it, because I was so engrossed in moving around my piles of garbage. Luckily, I had walked back to my desk for some reason, looked at my monitor, and saw the meeting reminder on the screen.

So I hustled over, and had a nifty little eye exam. I have great peripheral vision, and my prescription hasn’t changed in three years – I’m still just slightly nearsighted.

But since it’s been two years since I last got glasses, I get a new pair, yippee!!

I’d been dreaming about getting new glasses for a while, especially late last year. I lost my regular glasses for about a month, when I accidentally put them in a bag of Christmas presents, which I then hid until a few days before Christmas. Boy was I excited to find my glasses when I got the stuff out to wrap – it was just like Christmas!

Since I didn’t need “new” glasses, I just wanted to get different glasses. I normally only wear them at night, or when I need to see far – like while shooting, when protective glasses are really useful. So I combined it all, and got a pair of Safety glasses with polycarobonate lenses and Transitions coating, so they’ll be sunglasses-y in the day, and clear at night. That’ll be handy when I’m riding my motorcycle around dusk, because it’s really hard to stop and change from sunglasses to normal while riding, and if we’re taking a long car trip, I’ll only need to pack one pair instead of two.

So I’ll still wear my non-prescription Oakleys most of the daytime, my new glasses for special occasions, and my fancy old glasses when the occasion calls for some class.

It’ll be SOOOO spiffy!

One thought on “Mine eyes

  1. “Why grandma what big EYE you have!”
    “The better to see you with my dear!”
    I can’t wait to see your new glasses.

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