Controversial opera

It’s funny how easy it is to toss certain circles onto their ear. And by circles, I mean fat opera singers.

Not too long ago, a tenor sang off key or something, and someone booed, and he got all mad and stormed offstage.

Now, that by itself is fodder for endless opera-fan gossip, but what adds controversy to squabble is that the replacement guy who ran onstage wasn’t even the next-in-line-to-run-onstage-in-case-the-main-guy-cried-and-ran-offstage!!!!!

Stranger things have happened, I’m sure, but we’ll be hard pressed to move past an occurence of such epic opera proportions. The only thing I find harder to believe is that there is a blog called “Opera chic.”

2 thoughts on “Controversial opera

  1. The thing I find harder to believe is that you know about the Opera Chic blog. Did you find it while ignoring the old hag?

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