Revelation of the Decade!!!

Holey Cramoley!!

I just discovered that it’s Donny Osmond dancing around behind Weird Al in the White and Nerdy video!!!!

Don’t believe me? Check out The Making Of!!!!

3 thoughts on “Revelation of the Decade!!!

  1. I noticed Donny way back in the day when we were watching that video and being highly impressed with W.A.Y. I kept wondering if Donny was dancing on his own volition or if W.A.Y. threatened him into busting a move.

  2. Donny is the best part of an all around excellent video. I love the little slide thing he does with his arms all diagonal- cracks me up.

  3. Holy cramoley, that’s my favorite part too!

    That, and when they do the bubble wrap “Pop Pop” thing.

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