Leftover from what?

Just this very morning, I read a quote in Reader’s Digest that went something like this:

For 30 years, we ate mom’s leftovers. The original meal was never found!

Well, with Becky and the kids out of town this wekeend, I committed myself to pulling surplus meals from the fridge, and tossing them for the Tuesday garbage pickup. I hoped it would free up space in the fridge, and possibly save us untold woe and sickness later on.

Not having a haz-mat suit handy, I left the kitchen faucet running for quick detoxification, if necessary, and dove into the fridge.

Beginning with the top shelf, I scooted aside about 3 half-empty jars of jam, and spied a white can lurking in the distance. Removing it, I discovered this:

It looked innocent enough on the back of the shelf, but if you were to remove it and look inside, you’d have to wait until I was done looking first, and then you’d see this:

I don’t know what that is, but I think all the milk evaporated.
Undaunted, I dove back in to see what else I could find. I saw a cute little white tupperware bowl with a blue lid, and wondered what it held. I certainly didn’t recall eating any dinner out of it anytime recently, so I pulled it from the fridge. It looks like this on the outside:

Upon opening it, I realized why I don’t recall any meals from it – we had never served frog spawn for dinner before! I don’t know how we got such a large collection of unfertilized frog eggs, and I don’t know how long we’ve been keeping them, but I hope Becky wasn’t planning on spawning them in the creek because the goop has been dumped.

And finally, a somewhat ominous tupperware bowl. Just looking at it, you can see a multi-textured, brown viscous liquid inside, and it has some weight to it. I pulled the lid off to reveal…

a well-aged mixture of beans, potatoes, and goo. I actually remember this meal – it was on a dark and stormy night, many weeks ago. The kids refused to touch it, not even when buttered toast was added to the meal. They ran away, leaving bowls of warm multi-bean stew and crumbly bread crusts. Looks like nobody else wanted any more, either, as it was quite congealed and hidden before I pulled it out. I thought about bringing it to the upcoming camping trip – the one that Kim is not going on – and serving it at the potluck, but even the worst camp food is better than this. No offense, Becky, I really do love your cooking!

And so, happily, we have much more free space in the fridge this morning, and the garbage men came up and hauled away our leftovers at the crack of dawn. And what a bright dawn it is, with endless possibilities for future meals and leftovers!

4 thoughts on “Leftover from what?

  1. You are going to be in trouble mister. That frog spawn soup is something only a select few would die for. I know what it is and I am not telling. I just wish I had a bowl of it right now. It took countless hours for your wife to create that masterpiece. When I attempted to make it I ended up ruining it with too much salt. Blahhhh.
    Cleaning out the fridge is always a treat. You deserve a cookie.

  2. My favorite old thing to clean out of the fridge is the rice after it has turned flourescent colors. The last time I found some in the fridge it was a beautiful vibrant purple, with a few spots of pink. I always wonder how boring white rice and a couple of spores can create such a display.

  3. oh my goodness! I did’t know you blogged about this! How embarrassing!
    I did notice that you cleaned out the fridge because I needed the bowl the 10 bean soup was in for something else. I was going to flush it down the toilet. I kept meaning to freeze it before it got to old but forgot. IT WAS REALLY good when Kim and Danna were visiting. But I admit that was a while ago…oops.
    As for the frog egg looking something…I CAN”T BELEIVE YOU THREW THAT AWAY! That was a special secret concoction for making delicious Fig Newtons. I worked hours on that sticky mess! But since I never got around to actually making the finished project, despite hours preparation and searching on the internet for the perfect recipe, I’m glad you did what I couldn’t do. Bye Bye yucky stuff in the fridge! Thanks Mike you are my hero.

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