Hoplophobia is Curable

It is said that a liberal is someone who hasn’t yet had a need to defend themselves.

Willis, happily, had a brush with reality which turned into a wake-up call. She was being stalked by a man who expressed his interest in her through a series of phone calls, emails, and gifts sent to her in the mail. In one of the more recent emails the stalker mentioned knowing about a trip she took recently which she had told no one about, and that’s when an LEO (law enforcement officer) who responded to her call suggested that she purchase and learn to use a handgun for self-defense. Oregon is a “shall-issue” state which means that a concealed weapons permit or license to carry concealed must be issued if the applicant meets certain criteria under the law. The LEO reassured Willis: “Getting a concealed carry permit isn’t hard. And they make ladies’ purses with concealed weapons compartments.”

Willis wrote of her change of mind about carrying. She said, “I believe in compassion and peace … the very idea of a gun was a compromise of my principles.” Her boyfriend provided the incentive when he asked her: “Which would you prefer, compromising your principles or getting abducted by Crazy Man?”

She finally “got it.” She applied for her CCW and now carries for self-defense. She put it aptly: “I can still be the compassionate, diplomatic, interfaith groovy gal I’ve always been; I’ll just be packing heat in case negotiations tank.”

via Hoplophobia is Curable.

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