One Man Against the Surveillance State

For example, one mother shared that her 17-year-old daughter was subjected to a full pat-down when flying from Boston Logan due to the new scanner malfunctioning. “Even when she began to cry, the TSA agent continued the pat down. My daughter felt molested and humiliated and as a parent I was helpless to stop this violation. These measures are not making it safer to fly. They are just arbitrary measures being done to make us believe it is safer; at the same time, it is taking advantage of law abiding citizens.”

I think it is very much time to start advising the TSA’s Joy Division about the Nuremberg Defense.

I how quickly I’d get arrested if I passed out flyers at the airport listing the illegalities of looking at people naked against their will, looking at naked children, and molesting people in public, and that “I was following orders” does not relieve a person of his responsibility to follow the law.

via Michael Roberts: One Man Against the Surveillance State by John W. Whitehead.

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