More Death By Government

MSNBC says 48 children have died this year from being trapped or left inside hot vehicles. Which is extremely sad, but then they unleash this revelation:

Such deaths have spiked since the 1990s, when laws began requiring that infants be strapped into rear-facing car seats in the back seats of vehicles to avoid air-bag injuries. Fennell said more than 40 percent of the children who died this way are less than a year old.

So first, government mandates that small children be put in carseats.  This kills kids, so they make a new mandate that car-seats be installed backwards.  Then government goes on an air-bag power-trip, and makes air-bags mandatory.  But then the air-bags start killing people, and squashing kids in their car-seats.

So then, the regulators mandate that air-bags be turn-off-able in all vehicles without a back seat, but that if there is a back seat, the child must be put back there… where they die after being left behind in the car.

Which leads me back to the rhetorical question: Can government do anything that doesn’t have the side-effect of killing people?

But, of course, Fennell suggests that the answer is more regulation:

Fennell and others recommend putting a cell phone, purse, briefcase or other item beside the car seat as a way of forcing the driver to remember there is a child in the vehicle. Her group and others have also been calling for regulations requiring automobile manufacturers to install alarms that would tell them when a child was left behind.

Some motorcyclists use a cord of some kind to remind themselves to remove their disk lock before coming to an abrupt halt — perhaps the government could require drivers to chain themselves to their children in the back of the car?

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