It’s sunny, and I’m smiling

I went for a walk to the bank today, and experienced an unexpected delight.

The corporate section of Pleasanton is fairly deserted. During the heyday of the economic boom in the late 1990’s, new buildings were going up left and right. Business were growing, and new ones were moving in. Luckily, someone down in City Planning built nice large roads for all the workers to drive on.

Then, the boom ended shortly after Y2k. Some businesses shut down, others were aquired and moved. In this area, it left a number of empty buildings.

Which means, I can walk the half-mile to the bank, and see barely any cars driving through, and no pedestrians.

When I ride my motorcycle to work, I walk around to any errands I need to travel to. Usually, I’ll bring a book and read while walking – currently, Bastiat’s L’Etat, c’est toi!.

I walked up to an empty intersection and pressed the pedestrian button. As I did so, I looked to the left, and saw a Suburban driving up, driven by a lone woman. For a second, I thought, “I could just let her pass, then press the button.”

But I pressed anyway, and since she was too far from the intersection to be picked up by the traffic sensors, the light changed quickly. Hers Suburban’s tires howled as she slowed to a stop as her light turned red, and I tried not to smile visibly as I crossed in front of her.

Pedestrian: 1
Lone Suburban woman: 0

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