A very merry birthday

I had a very pleasant birthday, this last Saturday. Various members of my family came over, and we celebrated by doing a ton of house work. We cleaned up the backyard, built bunkbed frames, mounted shelves, and my mom cleaned up a bookcase, and a ton of dirty books.

I don’t remember all the details, but eventually we had a nice little party, with dump cake. My mom gave me a pair of slippers that look like huge hobo feet, and my sister gave me The Elements of Style, Illustrated. Hopefully, you’ll see my writing improve greatly as I go through the book, and I’ll pick up a sweet writing deal like my hero Maryanne.

It being Monday, I just received a new book I ordered two weeks ago from amazon.fr: L’Etat – C’est Toi, by Frederick Bastiat. If you’ve never heard of Bastiat, well, I’ll quote from the back cover of the book, and let that speak for itself. Or for Bastiat. Loosly translated:

The 7th of October 1871, Flaubert wrote to George Sand: “In three years all the French will know how to read. Do you believe this will make us more advanced? Imagine, to the contrary, that in each community, there is a one bourgois, just one, who’s read Bastiat, and that this bourgois is respected… things would change!”

Now, I have no idea who Flaubert and Sand are, but I imagine that if Flaubert was some sort of commie, and was out pushing his commie ideas on innocent, unsuspecting communities, that a certain bourgois who’s read Bastiat would tell Flaubert to go pound sand. And then Sand would get pounded, and Sand wouldn’t be very happy at all.

’nuff said.

2 thoughts on “A very merry birthday

  1. Happy happy birthday! I’m sorry I stole your wife and daughter away, my calendar was sorely lacking in the “notation of Mike’s birthday” category. But I was glad they came to my party.

    Gustave Flaubert and George Sand were French writers in the 1800s (Sand was a woman), and they wrote tons and tons of letters back and forth during that time. Flaubert wrote Madame Bovary, and Sand wrote a great many books that I’ve never read.

    I’d give you a writing gig, if I hd one to give, especially since you have an illustrated writing manual now!

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