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I’ve mentioned this to a few people in real life, but haven’t yet in this space, so brace yourself for a shocking revelation if you didn’t already know:  I’ve gone back to school.

Back in March, a friend told me about WGU, an entirely online and self-paced university, and I started looking into it.  It’s a fully accredited university where they pair the student with a mentor,  tuition is paid per semester, and the student can complete as much coursework during the semester as desired.  That was the selling point for me!

I’d earned 2 Associates of Science while attending community colleges in California, but hadn’t ever even applied to a 4-year college due to the rigidity of the course schedules, and time conflicts with a full-time job.  With WGU, I’d never have to attend a class, I’d only have to travel to the occasional proctored exam site for a final exam.

So I hustled through the application process, aced the entrance exams, paid the entrance fees, and so on and so forth, but just barely missed the cut-off to start classes April 1st and had to sit through that month and started May 1st.  But I was officially enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Science Information Technology – Security program, and I was excited.

When I officially started on May 1st, I was able to get into the site, examine the course list, order all the books I’d need at steep discount through Amazon’s used-book partners, and then took 2 weeks vacation to travel through California and attend Front Sight in Nevada.  I had planned on studying while travelling, but it never works out that way.

Happily, between my Associates in Computer Science and Natural Science and the additional computer classes I’d taken within the last 5 years I had enough transfer credits accepted to satisfy all the general ed requirements and a couple of the upper-division classes. 19 classes eliminated right off the bat! Now I was excited!  I then accidentally tested out of the 6-unit Web Technologies class without studying for it due to some confusion over which books it used, and then tested out of the 3-unit IT Fundamentals class a week later.  I had completed the 2-unit orientation class at the beginning of May, and so I had officially finished 11 units of coursework the first month.  Last night I completed the final essay for the 4-unit Leadership Concepts and Applications class, and this coming Friday and Monday I’ll take the assessments for Principles of Management, and Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and Leadership, at 4 units each.

With those done, I’ll have completed 23 units of coursework in 2 months, and be right on schedule for my goal of completing the entire program within a single 6-month semester.

Only 49 units left to go – that’s only two classes a month for the next four months!

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