How to show your employees you really care

Earlier this week, we received an e-mail from the CEO with this opening:

As we have previously communicated, we as a company are committed to becoming more involved in the political process to ensure our concerns are voiced and business is protected.

He’s referring to earlier communications encouraging the employees to support the failed re-election campaign of the repulsive Bob Bennett, which caused me and another employee to announce our revulsion for Bob Bennett and his unique brand of pretending to be a conservative Republican while joining with Democrats around the nation to sponsor and pass all kinds of unconstitutional legislation.

Seriously, the only time Bob Bennett votes in support of the Constitution is when a Democrat is in power and the bill is going to pass anyway.

Anyway, it turns out, the CEO had arranged to have the current candidate for senate, Tim Bridgewater, to come and speak at our place of business, and had invited other businessmen and random people to attend the meeting.

And, it also turns out, the way the CEO planned on showing that “our concerns are voiced and business is protected” was by specifically prohibiting me and my co-worker from attending the meeting.

With such an event, we are confident that all those visiting will see the professionalism and courtesy of our facility and staff. Thank you all in advance for heightened attention to these areas during our function.

Yeah, the professionalism of only allowing lap-dogs who want to buy influence with a senator who will sponsor unconstitutional legislation favoring your industry, rather than supporting the Constitution, under which your industry wouldn’t need favorable legislation, because the government would simply leave you alone.

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