For some reason, today I had left my laptop at work. By nightfall, I couldn’t remember why I had left it, so decided to go get it, and run an errand while I was at it. I took Mag and Amy with me, and we set off into the night.

We went to my workplace, grabbed the laptop, some drinks, and some Red Vines, and then went over to Best Buy. I was scoping out some wireless G routers for my Bishop, to hook up his home network.

But, I spied instead, an exact replica of the DSL router he already had, and the specs said it had G built in! I decided I’d better check it out to make sure, before buying anything.

So, we all hopped back into the car, and set off for his house, where we are staying. While Mag fiddled with the radio, I hummed along, and then made the PBBBBBST type noise you make by sticking your lips out and blowing, to make them flap.

I asked if they could do it, and Mag got it pretty quick, after a few tries. Amy, from the darky backness of the car, figured it out really quick, and spent the rest of the drive, furiously spitting BBBBBBT! noises from the back seat.

It’s really hard to make that noise while you’re smiling, and it’s really hard not to smile and laugh with unseen little Amy making that noise, as fast as she can draw breath, as loudly as possible, from the back of the car.

One thought on “Bbbbbbbbt!

  1. I wondered where you all went for so long…it sure was a nice break at home without you! Thanks.

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