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Drone strikes kill too many innocent bystanders

How would Americans swallow it if some foreign nation were to fly drones over our cities, trying to kill drug dealers or mafia bosses, and blowing up restaurants or apartment buildings full of people who have nothing to do with the criminal?

As many as 1,147 people may have been killed during attempts to kill 41 men, accounting for a quarter of all possible drone strike casualties in Pakistan and Yemen. In Yemen, strikes against just 17 targets accounted for almost half of all confirmed civilian casualties. Yet evidence suggests that at least four of these 17 men are still alive. Similarly, in Pakistan, 221 people, including 103 children, have been killed in attempts to kill four men, three of whom are still alive and a fourth of whom died from natural causes. One individual, Fahd al Quso, was reported killed in both Yemen and Pakistan. In four attempts to kill al Quso, 48 people potentially lost their lives.

It’ll be interesting when the Republicans regain control of the White House and Democrats suddenly become anti-war again and start protesting all the innocent causalities.  But by then they’ll be the minority again and unable to do anything about it.

And is that all part of the charade of changing parties in power but never changing course?