Monthly Archives: September 2014

iOS 8 review

Andrew Cunningham at Ars Technica reviews iOS 8.

iOS 8 is why I switched from a Galaxy SIII to an iPhone 5.  I like the size of the 5 but want a third-party keyboard.

Sadly, it’s only after go-live that we discover the iPhone keyboard always defaults back to the system keyboard, and I must re-switch to the other keyboard each time I want to use it.  Android lets you change the default keyboard, but iOS apparently does not.

Great ideas I almost had first…

While listening to a female pop group over the weekend, I suddenly had the great idea to start an all-girl pop group and call it “No Boys Aloud.”   It’s a sweet pun on the “No Boys Allowed” / “girls only” clubs if I do say so myself.

So I decided to perform some due diligence and discovered there’s an all-woman pop group called Girls Aloud, some kind of annoying boy band called Only Boys Aloud, a shoe store called No Boys Allowed, and after more digging, finally found an all-woman group called No Boys Aloud in Mt Shasta, California.

I guess if you’re ever in northern California, check ’em out? I can’t vouch for the music but they have a catchy name.